Payroll Services – PAYE Modernisation

PAYE Modernisation is a new initiative that is being introduced by Revenue.

Revenue have been working to update and modernise the PAYE system, in particular tackling the problem of overpayment and underpayment of taxes. With PAYE Modernisation, the main change affecting employers is the real time reporting to Revenue - a submission will need to be made each payroll run. In most cases, this means a file will be submitted either weekly or monthly. As a result, this will eliminate the need to file P30, P45, P46, P60 and P35 returns as information will be returned to Revenue instantaneously.

CMC Accountants provide companies with a flexible, professional and complete payroll service by only using PAYE Modernisation compliant software & keeping you up to date with any new or existing changes changes to legislation.

In summary, we can:

  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and annual payroll
  • Paper or Electronic (Email) Payslips.
  • Advise on holiday, maternity leave, parental leave etc.
  • Advise on full time, part time and casual employee entitlements
  • Travel expenses, subsistence allowances and Benefits in Kind
  • Payroll tax issues in relation to termination of employment