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Proactive Approach Accountants

We provide accessible, down to earth advice, as well as traditional and pro-active services to help you predict, prepare and sustain your growth.

We always ensure that we are accessible to our clients, which means that we will always try and meet clients at the earliest opportunity, in many cases on the same day and we will always return phone calls as soon as possible.

We have well established relationships with our clients and worked with many of our clients for more than 30 years. Our aim is always to do our best to maintain a solid relationship which is based on loyalty, professionalism and a strong work ethic.


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Switching from your old accountant to CMC Accountants is quick and easy!

Meet with us for a free initial consultation to discuss your business needs and let us take it from there.  We have a friendly and approachable team who have the expertise and are available to act on your behalf.

On making the decision to appoint us as your Accountants we will prepare the paperwork for you to sign for our services and to appoint us as your agent so we can deal with Revenue on your behalf.

We then write to your former accountant to request a copy of your recent Accounting & Taxation records etc.

Businesses up skill all the time so don’t settle for second best just because changing requires a little bit of effort. Make a positive change today!